About me 

Height: 180 cm   |   Eyes: Brown   |   Hair: Brown

Name: Rafael Lobato


Birth date: 29 October 1997


Nacionality: Portuguese


Residence: Vila Real, Portugal


Occupation: Estudante


Hobbies: Simracing, Cycling, Gym


Personality: Calm, resilient, precise, capable of fast decisions at decisive moments just as the tiger he displays on his logo.

Fast and consistent on the track, can make consecutive laps on the same tenth. This earned him the nickname "clockwork" by the opponent teams.

With strong team spirit and meticulous with the car's setup, loves to race in the rain!


Goals: become a professional racing driver. The ultimate dream is to compete at Le Mans on a GT or Sports-prototype.



2006 Baltar Kart Cup   |   Fórmula ENK - CRG-WTP 60cc   |   14th overall

2007 Baltar Sprint Show   |   Fórmula ENK - CRG-WTP 60cc   |   Champion

2007 Taça de Baltar   |   Fórmula ENK - CRG-WTP 60cc   |   2nd overall

2007 Baltar Kart Cup   |   Fórmula ENK - CRG-WTP 60cc   |   Champion

2008 Baltar Sprint Show   |   Evolução A - MG-IAME Puma 85cc   |   3rd overall

2008 Taça de Baltar   |   Evolução A - MG-IAME Puma 85cc   |   5th overall

2008 Baltar Kart Cup   |   Evolução A - MG-IAME Puma 85cc   |   2nd overall


2009 Baltar Sprint Show   |   Evolução A - MG-IAME Puma 85cc   |   Champion

2009 Taça de Baltar   |   Evolução A - MG-IAME Puma 85cc   |   6th overall

2009 Baltar Kart Cup   |   Evolução A - MG-IAME Puma 85cc   |   Champion


2010 Sprint Show   |   Evolução A - MG-IAME Puma 85cc   |   Champion

2010 Baltar Kart Cup   |   Fórmula X30 Junior - Birel-IAME X30 125cc   |   3rd overall


2011 Portuguese Rallycross Championship  |   Iniciation - Toyota Starlet   |   Cahampion

2012 Portuguese Offroad Championship   |   Iniciation - Toyota Corolla   |   Champion


2013 Portuguese Offroad Championship   |   Super 2000 - Citroen Saxo Kit car   |   11th overall


2014 Portuguese Circuit Championship   |   Sport-prototypes C3 - Radical SR3   |   Champion

​2015 Portuguese Circuit Championship   |   Sport-prototypes CN - Norma M20FC   |   2nd overall

2016 Portuguese Circuit Championship   |   Touring Cars TCR - SEAT Leon TCR   |   3rd overall


VELOSO MOTORSPORT is a professional motorsports team.


With a history built around success and a winning philosophy, is proudly a national and international reference among the most renowned motorsports teams in many disciplines.


Based at Povoa de Lanhoso, is proud of levering many young drivers careers and offering his clients all dynamics and expertise gained with many victories and titles among 20 years of racing.

To Veloso Motorsport team, over 24 national and international titles, wins in every single competition entered and many awards by companies, car manufacturers and local and national autorities show its style and commitment to work! Being at the sports and motorsports in particular is being able to transfer to the community the enthusiasm, energy and  sports arenas emotions and at the same time feeling all the effort rewarded.


For all this they are Veloso Motorsport!


The AUDI RS3 LMS is a TCR class Touring Car, the top category in Portugal and new international class that aims rebuilding the steps towards an international career. The cars have a strong but balanced pace with controlled evolutions and running costs to keep team's budgets low.

The top level is the TCR International Series with rounds all over the world. There are also many National and Regional championships like the ones in Portugal, Asia, Benelux, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Thailand, etc. This allows the use of the same car in any of these competitions and that a driver begins an international career.


Developed by AUDI Sport, the car as a 2.000cc turbo engine, 6 speed sequential gearbox, ventilated brake discs on all wheels, delivering 330 bHp.


Unlike other manufacturers, AUDI chose a Sedan bodywork, properly reinforced and lightened, like the original Touring Cars.

Following regulations, the AUDI RS3 LMS has front wheel drive and all driving aids are forbidden with all cars subject to a Balance of Performance (BOP) to level the pace along the season.


Dimentions: 4.589 m x 1.950 m x 1.340 m                                 Maximum power: 330 cv / 6.200 rpm

Top speed: 245 Km/h                                                  Maximum torque: 410 Nm / 2.000 - 5.000 rpm

Weight: 1160 Kg                                                                             Acceleration (0-100 Km/h): 4.5 seg

Power to weight ratio: 3.5 Kg/CV                                                                                 Tires: 27/65 x18


Portuguese Circuit Championship - TCR PORTUGAL, TCR SPAIN and TCR IBERIAN


The Racing Weekend is a concept created in 2010 by Full Eventos for the promotion of the Motorsports rounds from several national championships where the Portuguese Circuit Championship is highlighted. Weekends packed with action, emotion and competitiveness in a mix of conventional and street circuits.


2017 season totals 16 races on the following 6 rounds:

- 29 - 30 April - Estoril Racing Weekend - Sprint - (TCR Portugal, Spain, Iberian)

- 10 - 11 June - Portimão Racing Weekend - Sprint - (TCR Portugal, Spain, Iberian)

- 08 - 09 July - Vila Real Racing Weekend - Sprint - (TCR Portugal, Spain, Iberian)

- 02 - 03 September - Braga Racing Weekend - Double Sprint - (TCR Portugal)

- 16 - 17 September - Barcelona Racing Weekend - Sprint - (TCR Spain, Iberian)

- 21 - 22 October - Algarve Racing Weekend - Double Sprint - (TCR Portugal)


Each round has a 30 minutes Free Practice session and two 15 minutes Qualifying sessions.

The Double Sprint rounds have four 20 minutes races each.

The Sprint rounds have two 30 minutes races each.


Each car can be used by two drivers and in this case each driver races half of the round's races and scores the points of his team mate.


Titles to be awarded in the 2017 Portuguese Circuit Championship:

- Portuguese Circuit Champion (Overall)

- TCR Group winner (TCR Internacional)

- TCR2 Group winner (turbo 1.600 to 2.000cc vehicles)

- TCR3 Group winner (turbo 1.400 to 1.600cc vehicles)

- TCR4 Group winner (turbo 1.400cc, normal aspirated up to 2.000cc and TCS)

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